Troops & Allies

We want to collaborate with storytellers who make the world a better place. 

Troops & Allies

A Nashville-based entertainment marketing agency specializing in film, television and media with an expertise in marketing to women.





We build and execute marketing strategies and create systems to bring ideas, films and media to life, sharing your story with the right audience in the right way.

From strategy and planning to full-service campaign management, TROOPS offer a wide range of services to be customized for you and your goals.


Where we shine: 

  • Media Strategy + Activation

  • Influencer Campaign Strategy, Concepts & Execution 

  • Project Management

  • Asset Development + Management

  • Strategic Partnership Development 

  • Developing + Managing teams, Operations and Campaigns 



The women’s market is a driving force in our economy. And we KNOW it.

Women are the most powerful consumers on earth. They control $7 trillion in U.S. spending and represent 51% of moviegoers.

Authentic engagement to your female audience is vital. Let us help you develop honest, clear communication to create brand loyalty and collaborative female ambassadors for your story.


Where We Shine:

  • Female Influencer Campaign Strategy, Concepts & Execution

  • Positive & Honest Content Development

  • Female Driven Event Activations

  • Existing Relationships with Women’s Organizations & Business leaders


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